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Lépine commits to supporting independent clinical research


Funding or support for investigator-initiated studies (IIS/ISR*) is part of our commitment to developing knowledge about or around our devices in order to improve the care and life of our patients.


Why collaborate with Lépine?


Lépine will provide support in the form of funding, technical assistance, or product(s) for independent clinical research in compliance with ethical rules and good clinical practices.


Investigator-initiated research or study is a research protocol designed and implemented by the principal investigator (PI) who acts as the study sponsor and is responsible for complying with all regulatory requirements related to the study.


Who can apply?


We are looking for healthcare professionals in the studied specialty with previous research experience and preferably a publication history.


What are the expected study criteria?


The expected criteria for the study are as follows:

  • It must be based on Lépine products with clinically relevant results;
  • It can be an observational, interventional, or scientific study (biomechanical study, health economics, environmental impact, etc.);
  • You must have access to the appropriate facilities and resources to conduct the proposed research;
  • The research protocol must be rigorous and comply with the quality standards of journals;
  • It must be conducted on the intended use and indications in accordance with the product information;
  • The ISR program generally does not provide support for studies that involve experimental/pre-authorized/pre-market devices or off-label use of the product.


How to apply?


The application for an ISR project follows a 4-step process:

  1. Lépine communicates areas of interest through multiple channels;
  2. Investigators submit their project proposal using Lépine document templates (protocol/synopsis, budget grid) and provide the required documents;
  3. The project is reviewed by the Lépine ISR committee and requests adjustments if necessary;
  4. In case of validation, a contractualization is set up with the object, roles and responsibilities, budget and deliverables.


What are the research interests?


You can find the research interests for the beginning of this year by clicking here.

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*IIS : Investigator Initiated Study

**ISR : Investigator Sponsored Research


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