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Lépine is a company with a 300-year history. Discover how we evolved, which values we embody and who we are today!

Discover our history through these milestones


300 years serving surgery


Birth of the Maison Lépine


created by Philippe Martin de Lespinaz (1962-1754) in Lyon. This Swiss knife-grinder flees the religious wars that oppose Catholics and Protestants and settles on the Pont du Change between Saône and Rhône rivers.


Development of surgical instruments business


thanks to the cutlery skills of the Lepine family, which were essential to surgery at that time.

1900 - 1950

Supporting the development of medical art


in Lyon through the development and the commercialisation of instrumentation and personalized technique at the surgeons’ request.

1950 - 1988

Mechanization and industrialization


of the company’s traditional manufacturing thanks to steelworks’, tubes and screws manufacturers’, and polishers’ progress.


Establishment of a partnership with the Rockefeller faculty of medicine


of which the company becomes the official supplier. This allows it to make itself indispensable for the equipment of every doctor’s office in the region.


Purchase of the Maison Lépine


from the fourteenth generation by Patrick Pfaifer.


Conception and launch of the company’s first femoral stem


within the scope of the CE mark.


Purchase of a first plasma torch


that allows the development of bilayer coating composed with porous titanium and hydroxyapatite, which covers all our implants.


Learning of the forge craftmanship


through the buyout of the Sanortho factory in Orthez which currently manufactures more than 25 000 stems per year.


Moving to the site of Genay


to gather in a same place the group’s activities of conception, manufacturing, packaging and clinical monitoring activities.


Enrichment of expertise with the integration of ceramics


for the development, conception and manufacture of femoral heads on the Orthez site.


Logistics are enriched by a series of smart cabinets


that allow to significantly increase the volume of packages shipped each day.


Acquisition of a precision foundry


in Germany in order to internalize the realisation of all the foundry crudes of implants with complex geometry.


Handover of the company’s management


to Rodolphe and Valentin Pfaifer, perpetuating the legacy of an independent family business.


Contribution to the health crisis’ national efforts


by reshuffling the spling production to make masks.


Opening of a range of shoulder prostheses


thanks to the acquisition of a majority stake in 3S Ortho and its range ARAMIS™.

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Thibault Toughli

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Sophie Mathonnière

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Arnaud Teulet

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